Why should you offer hot pepper products?

If you're looking to feed the birds but not the squirrels, hot pepper seed could be for you!

Wild Birds Unlimited offers a variety of your favorite products with hot pepper! 

How does it work?

The sensation we feel when eating hot foods is not actually because of out taste buds! It's due to a special receptor protein (called TRPV). The capsaicin found in hot peppers binds with this protein and causes a burning sensation that we feel when we eat hot foods! Just like humans, squirrels and other mammals all have this special receptor protein that make them feel the heat of hot pepper. Scientist have discovered that birds do not have this same receptor that binds to capsaicin so cannot feel the heat of hot pepper. Just remember to protect your eyes and hands when using these products!

Check out some of our products!


Fiery Feast 

This loose seed can be used in tube feeders, tray feeders, or hopper feeders. Just like out No-Mess Blend, this blend contains no shells, so the birds won't leave a mess below your feeders. 
This blend contains sunflower chips, peanuts, and tree nuts all infused with hot pepper oil. 







Sunfire Chips 

This loose seed can be used in tube feeders, tray feeders, or hopper feeders. This blend is similar to our No-Mess blend since it does not contain any seeds with shells.

This blend contains sunflower chips infused with hot pepper oil. 










Hot Pepper Bark Butter Bits 

Bark Butter Bits are a crowd favorite! These bite sized suet balls are perfect for all birds, big to small. They are easy to offer in a tray or cup feeder. Bluebirds love them and squirrels won't touch the hot pepper! 










Suet is a great way to offer the highest levels protein and fat to your birds. Suet is a great way to attract a large variety of birds to your backyard, this is also the Woodpeckers favorite! Our Hot Pepper Suets are also No-Melt and can be given year round!  


Hot Pepper Seed Cylinder 

Seed cylinders are an easy and mess free way to offer food in your backyard but that can also make it easy for the squirrels to find it as well! Our Hot Pepper Seed Cylinders are a great way to enjoy watching your birds while not feeding the squirrels