Are Red-Winged Blackbirds, European Starlings, Grackles, and Mockingbirds Taking Over Your Feeders?

You are not alone! 

During the breeding season these birds become more aggressive and will take over feeders while scaring off all of your other backyard birds So here are a few different methods to try and stop these birds from visiting your feeders!

1. Try a Cage Feeder

These feeders are designed to prevent larger birds from squeezing through the wire holes surrounding the tube feeder but letting your smaller birds like Cardinals, Bluebirds, and Chickadees to fit through easily. 

Bonus: These feeders are also designed to deter squirrels as well! 

2. Set Up a Diversion Feeder 

Diversion feeders are a great way to entice the nuisance birds away from your feeder system by offering their favorite foods. Set up a tray, platform, or even something simple so they can eat at ground level about 20 feet away from your regular feeding system. The idea is that putting a diversion feeder close, but not too close, to your regular system will make it harder for these nuisance birds to defend both feeders. So by offering their favorite foods (peanuts, cracked corn, sunflower chips- All found in our Wildlife Blend!) in a feeder that makes it easiest for them to perch, will help keep them off your feeders! 


Check out this great link from Mr.Bird explaining more about Diversion Feeders! Diversion Feeders

3. Offer Food They Don't Like 

Offering seeds like safflower that have a bitter taste that blackbirds don't like. Safflower is also the the favorite food of Cardinals but will also attract the Finches and Chickadees too!