Hummingbirds are Here and Hungry!

Here in Georgia, we see hummingbirds through September before they begin their migration south for the winter months. Here are some helpful tips to keep your hummingbirds coming back!

  1. Offer several hummingbird feeders 

    Hummingbirds can be territorial. They tend to visit the same feeder, but will fight off any other hummer who tries to drink from their feeder.
  2. Keep the ants and bees away!

    Ant moats are a great way to keep ants out of your nectar. WBU hummingbird feeders come with a built in ant moat or you can hang one from above your feeder. Bees can also become a nuisance and are attracted to the sweet nectar. Nectar Guard Tips fit easily on the ports of your WBU hummingbird Feeder and deter flying insects from spoiling your nectar. 
  3. Birds love water!

    Like all backyard birds, hummingbirds also need a place to cool off and drink from. Bird baths are an excellent way to provide water! Add a mister or water wiggler to help attract them to your birdbath!
  4. Avoid pesticides

    Pesticides have been linked to issues with hummingbird reproduction. Pesticides can also disrupt their metabolism by reducing the amount of energy they can use, which is essential especially during migration. We know you might be saying "But without pesticides won't I get overrun with bugs?". Our answer, yes, but your birds will eat them! Even your hummingbirds love insects and they are the majority of a juvenile hummingbirds diet. 
  5. Add plants!

    Hummingbirds are attracted to bright, flowering plants. Some of the best plants to help attract hummingbirds are: Trumpet honeysuckle, Morning Glory, Red Buckeye, Butterfly Bush, Petunia, Daylily, Columbine, and plenty more! 
  6. Last, and maybe the most vital: Make sure your nectar is fresh!

    In the hot summer days, nectar can ferment very quickly! Check out the infographic below about how often you should be cleaning and changing your nectar. Use a 1 parts sugar and 4 parts water ratio for your nectar, or check out one of our easy to use hummingbird nectar by following the link here: Hummingbird Feeder, Food, and Extras!

The Temps are High and the Birds are Thirsty 

Birds need a place to cool off during the summer! The best way to provide water for birds is a birdbath! Add a mister or a water wiggler to help attract the to the water source. Water is almost as big of an attractant to the birds as food is. From one of our employees: "Not offering a source water is like going to a restaurant and not getting a glass of water" 


WBU Nature's Large Drip-or-Mist: Birds are attracted to the sound of moving water. Attaching our WBU Nature's Large Drip-or-Mist to your birdbath provides a source of moving water which backyard birds find irresistible! Many smaller birds like chickadees, finches, and titmice will land on the dripper spout and creep down to the end and lean over to take a drink! Our WBU Nature's Large Drip-or-Mist features stainless steel construction and powder coated body for durability. It's able to be used as a dripper or a mister, includes 50 feet (15.24m) of tubing, and a Y-valve needle for flow control and fits birdbath dishes up to 2" thick. 

Dimensions: 18" x 4½" x 11½"





WBU Water Wiggler: Our WBU Water Wiggler can be added to almost any birdbath! The movement of water is beneficial as it attracts birds to your birdbath while preventing mosquitoes who need still water to lay their eggs. The WBU Water Wiggler operates on two D-cell batteries, is easy to install, silent, and can be used in heated birdbaths.